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CHP 010E

CHP-010E// 코웨이 정수기 시 사은품 상대적으로 많이 주는 곳입니다.^^

CHP Cruiser Crashes Into Truck

Dash-cam video captured a CHP cruiser colliding with a pick-up truck in El Dorado Hills last week.
CHPcruiser Roblox : His sirens were clearly on,and that truck needed to watch what was going on. He was also going a bit quick.
Ramon Ayala : People dont hear Siruns they stupid ass fuck.
Tyler Nelson : The semi was blocking the entire view for both of them.. no way that Ram could see in time. Had a green light, not his fault.
Wa ter : Are we just not gonna not talk about how the truck was speeding through a red light at give or take 50-80 mph
Mr. Joseph : Lights and sirens are requested right of way. Lights and sirens but you still have due regard to the motoring public and traffic laws. Pick up driver could not see around tractor/ trailer. Truck driver is 6 feet in the air. If you never worn a badge and driven at code 3 do not comment on this video. I'm sure the CHP citing the pick up driver for failing to yield. You can't help someone if you don't get there safe.

CHP What is CHP

What is Combined Heat and Power (CHP), also known as COGENERATION. This video provides an overview of CHP and how this technology can save money and offer significant environmental benefits.




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